Remember when you had time to sit on the sidewalk and enjoy a popsicle with your buddies? When you could spend half the day relaxing and talking about neighborhood “who”s and “what”s while your frozen pop dripped onto the pavement next to your untied shoe and evaporated in the sun. You know, the good old days – when all your aspirations of creativity and fun were in full swing. Well, those days are gone.

Or…ARE they?

They. Are. Not. Move over spooky, stickered ice cream van. Popsicles are back! And so is fun and relaxation with your favorite pals while you enjoy treats and talk about the “who”s and “what”s of today.

Because we (three great women who happen to be moms, artists, popsicle makers and now, entrepreneurs) want to instigate the meeting of great people, the enjoying of local art, and the eating of healthy, delicious popsicles.

Consider inviting our truck to your next event, or joining us at one of our scheduled “pop-ups” to enjoy new pieces from local artists, one-of-a-kind books & gifts, healthy frozen treats and a unique setting for moms, kids and everyone to gather for a change of pace.

We hope to bring you something new to look forward to. In your minute-by-minute day full of errands and schedules, there’s room for some fun and creativity. Let us help you find time for a popsicle. You’ve earned it.

See you soon!

Your Friends,

Angie, Bernie & Julia

(424) 229-1758