The concept of Mom & Pop Shop started as a very simple idea; we wanted to offer healthy treats for our children to enjoy and love. We also wanted to spend more time with our children during our work hours, so we thought, “Hey, let’s get a truck, stick our babies in it, and sell healthy pops and art in the park! The kids will LOVE it!!” (This is also what Angie pitched to her husband when she randomly decided to buy a 1970 mail truck off of Craigslist).

Over a year later, the idea remains the same, but the “simple” part has become “complex”. It turns out the business of frozen treats is a lot more complicated than one would expect… even with the simplest of ingredients and intentions.

None of us knew exactly what we were getting in to, but in retrospect, if we had, we probably wouldn’t have done it, and that would have been a huge mistake. The idea of driving a cute truck around selling pops with our babies was not going to be a reality. This is not a simple dream, but definitely a dream worth fighting for.

And now, here we are. A blog. We guess this is like being in a truck with our babies in the park. Ok, not even close, but it’s a first step and we would love to share our experience. Hopefully this blog will bring us a little closer to that dream. There is so much to our story and so much we have learned, perhaps we can help or inspire other moms, friends, or entrepreneurs trying to break away from the everyday routine.

Our wild ride of building a business has only just begun! So come along with us! If not for educational purposes, then at least you can get a good laugh at our adventures, get to know us a little more, and maybe one day, you will see us driving our cute truck around town with all of our kids selling pops.