Our handmade, all-natural pops are made with the freshest seasonal fruits, vegetables and locally sourced ingredients we can find and everything is made from scratch, including our peanut butter and coconut milk. Most importantly, we use dates as a natural sweetener for most of your popsicles (instead of corn syrup or refined sugar). You have probably noticed some unconventional ingredients listed in our pops, like watercress, spinach and chia. To uphold our mission of healthy, kid-friendly pops, we want to work against the neophobic response kids (and adults) may have to certain fruits and veggies and introduce them in new ways that they will find yummy and crave-able! Each one has a unique blend of flavors. They are not just a treat, they are nutritious, or I guess you could say “nu-TREAT-ious”. Please contact us for our seasonal flavors!