A little about us…Meet Angie-Artist & Entrepreneur

We have formed a power team of women/moms to get this company off the ground.  Since we are all full-time moms with other jobs we rely on each other for support and we know none of us could do this on our own.  We have found the perfect balance from this group and we feel so lucky to have a strong core of women to build on. Let’s meet Angie-


Hi I’m Angie,
I’m an artist and mom filled with an entrepreneur spirit.  Tired of sitting in front of a computer as a graphic designer day and night, I wanted to think of something to do that my babies would be a part of.  And this was the rough beginnings of Mom & Pop Shop. Inspired by my dad who was always creating new companies to better the world, and my mom (with 5 kids) who supported him no matter what, I knew that working for someone else was never my destiny.  I knew I would one day start something of my own filled with passion. Filling my own love for all things sweet, health food, and art just so happened to be a very logical business plan.  With my husbands support and the support of my super talented business partners I knew there was no turning back and we were on a Pop adventure.