Code Red, Freezer Down! | Julia


5:15am, Mission accomplished…So at 3:30am I am up with my son with a
feeding and the power goes out. Aw that sucks but no big deal, right? NOPE! I have 200 pops in my freezer for my wonderful sister in laws bridal shower and a festiv
al at the end of the month! Power won’t be back on till 9:30am says the power people. What do I do?! My 3G isn’t working so I can’t look up where to get dry ice in the middle of the night. I make a quick decision to just pack everything up and take the pops to my
parents’ (who’s freezer is already jammed with pops but there is some wiggle room). I lug everything down two flights of stairs (elevator is out) to my subterranean garage only to learn the gate won’t open because…you got it, power out! Luckily, my husband parked on the street so I run back upstairs, waking up every dog in my building,
I slink inside to not wake the baby, grab my husband’s keys then I’m on the road at 4:30ish. When I get to my parents’ I pray I don’t startle them and get greeted with my dad and a baseball bat. Thankfully, I am in and out without them noticing. Now I’m on my way home probably just in time for Jimmy towake up at 6am and demand a feeding. Well, this was a fun start to my day! If there were awards for people in the frozen food industry I should get one for “Total Badass Dedication”