Meet Julia-Our Popsicle Creator

Hi! I’m Julia, co-owner of Mom and Pop Shop and creator of our signature healthy pops! Well, let me just get this out of the way…no, I’m not a real chef. For the record, I have not received any formal culinary training. Nope, I am just a product of a generation that grew up with the Food Network and the protégé of the most excellent and talented of home cooks, my dad. I grew up with a passion for food and during summer breaks while my friends were going to the mall and riding bikes in the park, I was reading cookbooks like they were the latest Judy Blume novel, and watching hours upon hours of cooking shows, writing letters to the hosts to get their recipes from my favorite episodes (yes, this was before the internet and snail mail was still king). So when my friends started this company and approached me last year with the awesome challenge of creating healthy pops, I was in! Actually, my background is in academia and community education.

Yep, I am a bona fide nerd. I graduated from UC Berkeley (Go Bears!) and have been doing preventative research at UCLA for underserved communities in LA, one of which research studies, dealt with obesity and diabetes prevention. I have been able to apply the valuable information I gained on nutrition and weight loss from that study to our pops to make them as heathy as possible. Since joining the Mom and Pop team in October 2014, I became a first time mama! So now I get to spend my days making healthy treats for Southern Cali with my 8 month old son, James, and my wonderful, dessert aficionado husband, JJ, who both happily act as guinea pigs for my latest mad scientist pop concoctions.Julia