Perseverance at the Abbot Kinney Festival

Per·se·ver·ance  ˌpərsəˈvirəns/

noun | noun: perseverance

steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.


This word sums up our day at the Abbot Kinney festival. We decided to participate in the festival this year to introduce our business to the community. It took a lot of work, including trips to Orange County to make the popsicles, brainstorming flavors, coordinating with the event planners and redesigning of signage and display. We couldn’t wait to showcase our little truck at the event, even with its temperamental history.

The day came, we met at 6:30am to load the truck only to discover the semi flat tire. We were racing the clock to fix this knowing we could not enter the event after 9am. With a gas station in sight, we drove the truck to the gas station to patch the tire. After waiting for the rubber cement to dry, the car would not start. It was 8am by now. After calling 3 different tow companies using only one phone, because Angie’s phone broke the night before, the time was slipping away. We were receiveing outrageous quotes from tow companies. We were deflated (no pun intended) and were actually fancying the thought of quitting. Without our truck, the whole event would be impossible. Our popsicles would start to melt and we had no set up to sell them out of. Our kids were looking forward to this event, it was a perfect hot day and we had no transportation. We also found out Julia was sick with a 102 temp, and on her way up with more pops. The only option was to not give up-and we figured it was worth doing whatever it took to get our truck there.

We finally found a trusty tow from our friend Victor and he delivered us there in style. We set up just in time for the event to start and from the minute it opened to the minute it ended, we were busy. We met so many amazing people, shared our healthy pops with kids, shared our children’s book with new families and spent time with our kids. Turned out to be a good day!