Tips for Mother’s of Newborns


With less than a month away from my second son being born, I’m trying to rack my brain of all the lesson’s and tricks I learned when having a newborn with my first born. Thought with 6 kids between us, my partners and I might have some words of wisdom you new mamas might find useful too!

Here you go!….

  • Carry an extra pair of your underwear in your baby’s diaper bag. Getting shower time is tough! You never know when the opportunity might arise. – Julia
  • If you are experiencing discomfort sitting on your sensitive area after birth and don’t want to lug around a donut in public, a beach towel or thick sweatshirt can be shaped like a horse shoe and sat on discretely to provide some ease and relief to your unmentionables – Julia
  • My advice is …all my kids have been completely different babies and none of them liked the same thing. So I have no idea. Just be flexible and try to get sleep if at all possible. – Angie
  • Milk the milking! Take every advantage of bossing people around while you’re breast feeding. “honey, can you do the dishes and the laundry. I can’t, I’m feeding the baby.”, “Grandma, can you bring me a glass of water and a sandwich, the baby’s hungry and I can’t get up”, etc. – Julia
  • Take you baby with you everywhere you go-they will become more flexible at an early age. – Bernie
  • Stare. Just stare at their little faces, and hands, and feet, and tushes. You will have a million pictures of them, but it’s the uncaptured moments that will stick with you forever – Julia